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Service industry companies are involved in advertising, consulting, design, fashion, education, food services and personal care. The service-dominated businesses need to increase client satisfaction and retention with a scalable, repeatable process for providing services of the highest quality.
In this industry there will always be a demand for human intelligence while companies grow their revenue and profit margins by assigning the right people to

the right projectsat the right time. In such environment technology has a great impact on business strategy.
We can help you archive operational excellence and sharpen your client focus to achieve positive business outcomes by tapping our deep industry- specific analytical skills.


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Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization

Business process optimization is the key to reorganize or implement even small changes in the functioning of the company, which will allow enterprise to build competitive advantage.


IT Effectiveness

IT Effectiveness

Our team provides accurate IT costs benchmarking which allows our clients to make reliable, fact-based decisions.


Software Acquisition

Software Acquisition

IT solutions have a huge impact on the functioning of the organization and, in particular, the implementation of business processes and the security of the data it stores.



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Setting the right IT strategy

We are setting the enterprise foundation to focus on key business imperatives to derive the right IT strategy, architecture and approach. We provide quality assurance and project managmenent services for implementation of complex IT solutions strengthing your relationships with suppliers, customers, partners, and employees.

Optimizing business process

We are designing scalable, repeatable processes that allow you to deliver quality service faster, manage effectively resource and talent pools according to demand, and enhance communications within the organization while reducing service delivery costs.

Sharpening your client focus

We help to achieve operational agility to serve diverse consumer needs while running in a more cost-efficient way that adds more value back to the business.

Achieving operational excellence

We help drive measurable results by identifying, designing and implementing efficiencies and effectiveness in the IT function with the use of ITIL good practicies, IT processes capability assessment and costs benchmarking.

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