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  • Manufacturing

    The industry companies must face the challenge of an increasingly instrumented, intelligent and instant market. Successful companies innovate in continuous release software development.

  • Energy i Utilities

    The Energy and Utilities sector is changing rapidly as companies have to deal with huge demand growth, changing role of a customer, pursue new clean technologies and implement smart grid technologies.

  • Public

    Public entities are facing pressures to deliver better services and consitute one consistent government platform to communicate with citizens and business.

  • Retail &Transport

    Global sourcing, competitive pressures, increasing number of product and shortened time-to-market – these are just a few of the challenges the retail and logistic companies are facing in today’s market.

  • Services

    The Service sector is growing consistently while new, better adjusted and scalable services have to come up to changing customer needs and behaviour.

  • Finance & Insurance

    Due to the processes of globalization and increasing competition, financial sector institutions and insurance companies must use modern technologies to ensure competitive advantage.