IT Governance

Services scope

Our team provides accurate IT costs benchmarking which allows our clients to make reliable, fact-based decisions. Benchmarks enable clients to compare services and processes with set terms, assets and SLAs and provide deep insight into how their cost of operations compares to services available on the market. Application of indicated IT governance practices let clients lower IT cost, set market-standard SLAs and optimize service delivery costs.
Remembering that meeting SLAs does not exactly means customer satisfaction we run customer satisfaction surveys to optimize service support and service delivery processes.


Three key benefits that you can achieve while working with us.

The benchmarking compares IT services cost against other companies’ similar offerings and serves to show market competitiveness and expose areas where cost controls may be implemented in order to improve competitiveness.

We can deliver a benchmark in weeks with relevant data modeled to the expected client’s SLAs and contract conditions.

We are providing framework for customer satisfaction measurement and improvement.


In order to increase the value of your company, we offer comprehensive consulting services.

IT Service Organization

Providing operational IT services to all users requires certain capabilities (infrastructure, application), for which people with the appropriate skill set and behavior are required.

IT Processes Capability Assessment

In order to run IT process capability assessment we use COBIT 5 governance and management practices. They enable management to evaluate maturity and benchmark IT process capability.

Applications and Infrastructure

Application architecture it’s description of the logical grouping of capabilities that manage the objects necessary to process information and support the enterprise’s objectives.

Architecture Governance

As companies develop highly complex IT and business environments to generate competitive edge, architecture governance practices are required to manage and control effectively enterprise architecture.