Enterprise Architecture

Services scope

Business process optimization is the key to reorganize or implement even small changes in the functioning of the company, which will allow enterprise to build competitive advantage.
Business process optimization services include:

  • mapping of the current status of processes and its analysis in order to eliminate inefficiencies arising from past events or bad practices,
  • preparation of the target process model, along with proposal to optimize individual activities in the process.

The efficiency of business processes largely depends on the IT applications supporting the enterprise. That is way the changes to business processes should be closely linked with the development of IT strategy, in particular the application architecture.


Three key benefits that you can achieve while working with us.

Comprehensive knowledge about the current state of the organization, expressed in the form of business process model containing information about the inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

A look on the company from the perspective of business processes, which allows you to specify process owners with a clear definition of the scope of responsibility.

Improving the efficiency of company resulting from the optimization suggestions in terms of shortening the lead time, possible cost savings, reorganization of activities, standardization of operations and elimination of redundant actions.


In order to increase the value of your company, we offer comprehensive consulting services.

Software Acquisition

IT solutions have a huge impact on the functioning of the organization and, in particular, the implementation of business processes and the security of the data it stores.

IT Strategy

Today, more then ever, organizations need to support business decisions with the use of high-quality information and achieve operational excellence, based on reliable and efficient application of technology.

Enterprise Transformation

Companies today have to build flexible structures, embrace disruption and seek new opportunities to drive growth.

Architecture Governance

As companies develop highly complex IT and business environments to generate competitive edge, architecture governance practices are required to manage and control effectively enterprise architecture.