IT Governance

Services scope

In order to run IT process capability assessment we use COBIT 5 governance and management practices. They enable management to evaluate maturity and benchmark IT process capability.
We measure current maturity of enterprise’s IT processes, define a target maturity state, identify the gap between them and determine how to improve the process to achieve the desired maturity level. Benchmark allows you to compare enterprise IT processes maturity with competition, with industry average and average maturity in region.


Three key benefits that you can achieve while working with us.

The assessment of the process maturity reveals which practices are lacking or failing and enables implementation or improvement of good practices allowing all process outcomes to be achieved.

The assessment process outcomes can be used for both internal and potential external purposes. It allows you to compare enterprise IT processes maturity level with average industry maturity and average maturity in specified region.

While doing assessment we are providing optimization initiatives regarding IT organizational structure changes and recommended ITSM processes support.


In order to increase the value of your company, we offer comprehensive consulting services.

IT Service Organization

Providing operational IT services to all users requires certain capabilities (infrastructure, application), for which people with the appropriate skill set and behavior are required.

Architecture Capability Maturity Assessment

In order to assess architecture capability maturity we use proven method based on model that over the years has gained widescale and worldwide acceptance.

Architecture Governance

As companies develop highly complex IT and business environments to generate competitive edge, architecture governance practices are required to manage and control effectively enterprise architecture.

Software Acquisition

IT solutions have a huge impact on the functioning of the organization and, in particular, the implementation of business processes and the security of the data it stores.