Enterprise Architecture

Services scope

In order to assess architecture capability maturity we use proven method based on model that over the years has gained widescale and worldwide acceptance. Capability maturity model supports IT-related development processes improvement in order to successfully manage change, set appropriate direction and constitute ways to measure progress.
The organization’s maturity in determined in several Enterprise Architecture Elements within that architecture process, business linkage, communication, IT Security, Governance
and IT Investment and Acquisition Strategy.


Three key benefits that you can achieve while working with us.

Enhancing the odds for success of the Enterprise Architecture by identifying weak areas and providing a defined path towards improvement.

Providing framework for managing the improvement efforts based on best practices that an organization must perform in order to improve its processes.

Evolutionary way for gaining control over and improving IT-related development processes that starts out in an ad hoc state, transforms into an immature process, and then finally becomes a well defined, disciplined and mature.


In order to increase the value of your company, we offer comprehensive consulting services.

Architecture Governance

As companies develop highly complex IT and business environments to generate competitive edge, architecture governance practices are required to manage and control effectively enterprise architecture.

Information System Auditing

We are providing professional audit work with different scope depending on the type of audit engagement and present audit results clearly, concisely and completely.

Software Engineering Process and Standards

We assist organizations in improving software development process to increase productivity and software quality.

IT Processes Capability Assessment

In order to run IT process capability assessment we use COBIT 5 governance and management practices. They enable management to evaluate maturity and benchmark IT process capability.