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Introduce innovations based on IoT and change your organization. Use the potential of intelligent systems (software, sensorscameras) that have access to the Internet, communicate and send data in real time.


Internet of Things enforces change and innovation. Achieving efficiency in the use of new tools will be possible thanks to the development and creation of new operational models based on network operations. We will help you to understand the latest trends and adapt traditional business processes to the constantly changing conditions and development of IoT.

Designing innovative solutions

We specialize in designing solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) concept. Whether you are in the manufacturing, retail, hotel, catering or administration industries, we will help you to define your needs and requirements in order to design solutions based on the Internet of Things concept.

Analysis of smart devices market

Smart devices, factory connected to the network, remote monitoring – these are just a few products based on the Internet of Things (IoT) concept currently available on the market. We will analyze for you the market of IoT tools and help you choose the best solutions tailored to your organization’s goals.


Development based on innovation

Creating a new business model based on network communication

Increase in profitability and reduction in the scope of repetitive actions

Market leaders must be open to IoT

The Internet of Things makes uncertainty the only one constant in today’s world. Striving to achieve a competitive advantage makes it necessary to be open to continuous development and modern technological trends. Talk to our experts and check how IoT affects your organization.


In order to increase the value of your company, we offer comprehensive business consulting services.

Software acquisition

IT solutions have a huge impact on the functioning of the organization and, in particular, the implementation of business processes and the security of the data it stores.

Digital strategy

Create digital strategy with us and discover enormous possibilities of application of modern digital tools tailored to your business goals.


Today, more then ever, organizations need to support business decisions with the use of high-quality information and achieve operational excellence, based on reliable and efficient application of technology.

Software engineering process and standards

We assist organizations in improving software development process to increase productivity and software quality.