IT Governance

Services scope

Cyber risks are growing and are changing rapidly. The advent of the digital world, and the inherent connectivity of people, devices and organizations, opens up a whole new playing field of vulnerabilities. Every day, hackers are working on new techniques for getting through the security of organizations, including yours.
We prepare processes and organization solutions that increase business value and the level of information security. We audit your IT infrastructure and applications, conduct intrusion checks, identify potential exposures and recommend solutions that minimize the risk of internal and external interference.


Three key benefits that you can achieve while working with us.

We help organization to control all aspects of information protection. We prepare business continuity plans and disaster recovery procedures in order to establish effective information protection, taking into consideration technology, people and processes.

We assess actual situation in scope of users’ rights and access rights management, segregation of duties and application controls with objective to improve security management. Based on that we are developing and implementing guidelines and procedures of security and privacy.

We are conducting market research of security solutions that allow organization to react efficiently, identify potential data breaches, re-establish and to draw conclusions from incidents.


In order to increase the value of your company, we offer comprehensive consulting services.

Software Acquisition

IT solutions have a huge impact on the functioning of the organization and, in particular, the implementation of business processes and the security of the data it stores.

Information System Auditing

We are providing professional audit work with different scope depending on the type of audit engagement and present audit results clearly, concisely and completely.

Applications and Infrastructure

Application architecture it’s description of the logical grouping of capabilities that manage the objects necessary to process information and support the enterprise’s objectives.

Enterprise Data Governance

In order to capitalize on its competitive advantages enterprise need to enable comprehensive and structured approach to data management.